Your land can work for you. We’ll help you optimize every aspect of your land and timber through sound scientific principles.

Higher Profit Margins

Wood Basket can increase your profits as a timberland owner by securing higher prices for your timber, lowering your operating costs, increasing timber production, and increasing sustainability.

Our proprietary system is designed to give you a realistic assessment of the timber you own and its market value at any given moment. Our team of foresters and investors watch your timber asset as an investment, resembling the way a broker manages your financial investments. The timber market, like the stock market, has highs and lows. With the resources available through Wood Basket, you can make the right decisions at the right time, maximizing your profits.

Too many private landowners are undervaluing their timber and selling themselves short. We can put real-time, customizable data at your fingertips, telling you exactly what your timber was worth, showing you current market values and guiding you to informed, educated decisions about your timber. With Wood Basket, you can be confident about your decisions, secure in the knowledge that you’re selling the right wood to the right buyers at the right time.

Scientific Principles

The majority of timberlands in the southern region of the U.S. produce 2-4 tons per acre annually, well under their potential yields. With access to our system, you will have the opportunity to implement progressive forest management. Putting the right trees on the right land with the right preparation will yield 6-10 tons per acre annually on most sites.

The Wood Basket team has the scientific knowledge and experience to help you create a plan that will increase your growth rates and the quality of your timber through sustainable farming practices. We nurture your land to its highest potential and ensure higher profits year after year.

Efficient Processes

Wood Basket uses the power of aggregation to put control back in the hands of landowners. When landowners join forces and negotiate in aggregate, they increase their efficiency and negotiating power. Approaching mills, dealers, contractors, and loggers with higher quantities positions landowners to get higher prices and lower costs.

Your land should be an asset, never a liability. Wood Basket can help you achieve that.

Land Management

Harvesting timber is one of the most effective ways to keep your land healthy. This may seem counterintuitive; cutting down trees to keep your forested acreage healthy? The truth is, a carefully managed, sustainable harvesting plan encourages reforestation and the long-term health of your timberland. It’s also, of course, a wonderful way to make profit on the timber. At Wood Basket we’re not about clear-cutting land for one-time profits; we want to help you manage it with care and responsibility, setting it up to grow stronger and healthier each and every year.

Wood Basket specializes in formulating sustainable land management plans. We will get to know you, your land, and your priorities, and use accurate, real-time data to create a comprehensive plan that will not only generate profits now, but also allow your land to continue yielding high-quality timber for generations to come.

Legacy Planning

We love land as much as you do. We know what it is to grow up on a piece of property that belongs to you and to your family, perhaps handed down through generations. To work your fingers to the bone loving that land and making it all it can be.

The world is changing, and the younger generations may not feel that same connection. But with the assistance of the Wood Basket, you can help them to appreciate and value it. Your land is your legacy, and your children and grandchildren should be able to enjoy it as much as you have.

When your children inherit your beloved land, they may not be sure how best to manage it. Your land is a gift, a blessing. The last thing you want is for your land to become a burden for future generations. Wood Basket can help you plan and manage your land to create a stable, profitable, sustainable legacy for your family for generations to come. You are justifiably proud of your legacy. We’ll help you pass it on.