We share your love for the southeast and its land; this is our home, too. You can trust in our experience and expertise.

Our Team

Wood Basket is a group of foresters, investors, and landowners committed to creating sustainability and profitability for private and corporate timberland owners. Our team is unique in our combination of knowledge, experience, and connections. We live and work in the Southeast United States, the Wood Basket of the world, and we know and appreciate the value of this land and what it means to its people.

Our Vision

Wood Basket was created by a group of landowners, foresters, business people, investors, and technology specialists. We were driven by our collective vision of using technology to manage land as a business and providing best-in-class management tools to landowners and foresters. Wood Basket is the culmination of years of analyzing the needs of landowners, foresters, investors, and end users (mills, plants, etc.).

Our Purpose

Wood Basket exists to support the legacy of the Southeast timberlands and the people who are part of that legacy. We do this through creating a sustainable management system for timberland owners, allowing private landowners to hold and manage timberland while increasing profitability. We believe your land should be an asset, never a burden, and our purpose is to help you make the most of it by increasing profits, decreasing costs, and caring for your land responsibly and sustainably. We want your land to be a gift you can pass on to future generations.